Air-Conditioning Service & Installations



Did you know that most A/C unit manufacturers suggest seasonal maintenance? It’s true, but we know that checking your cooling system is not the first thing on your mind.

That’s why whether its a simple coolant charge or just a filter replacement, we have you covered with fast & friendly A/C Service!

Our top notch preventive maintenance plans keep your cooling system running like new. All major system components, including compressor coolant levels are checked by our factory certified technicians. In the event a possible issue is discovered during the service, we will alert you to it…before it becomes a costly problem. 

Whether your A/C unit has reached its service lifetime, or you are looking to upgrade your cooling system to save money on your utility bills, the time has come for a new A/C unit. When that time comes, you’ll need an honest A/C contractor to help design and install the best possible solution for you and your budget. 

Let one of our experienced, certified technicians work with you to provide cost effective solutions for your cooling needs. From climate zoning and unit sizing, to custom duct-work fabrication and installation, B & B does it all.


We also proudly offer 0% Financing for Qualified Buyers


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